Managing Complexity – The Art of Collective Consequence

This is the topic of discussion of the World Business Dialogue 2011 which is the world’s largest student-run business convention. This important event will be held in Germany in March 2011.

Here are some important information about this event:

What is the World Business Dialogue?

The “World Business Dialogue” is the world’s largest student-run business convention. Here, 60 top-class personalities from economy, science and politics enter a discussion about economically and socially relevant, future-oriented topics with 300 international students and just as many executives, notably from German companies. For 25 years, Cologne University is converted into a convention centre for the economic elite for two days. Also known under its former title “Deutscher Wirtschaftskongress”, the World Business Dialogue will once again take place in March 2011 for the 14th time.

The convention’s organisation is realized by the members of the Organisationsforum Wirtschaftskongress (OFW) e.V., where approximately 40 students are responsible for the project’s success. Furthermore, during the period leading up to the convention, the OfW e.V. is assisted by sponsors and a supporting team of 200 students who allow for the smooth running of the convention.

The World Business Dialogue’s singularity and relevance are supported by a large number of well-known speakers that have participated in past conventions; among these are Josef Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche Bank, Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and Michael Bloomberg, governing mayor of New York, who made use of the convention as a platform for discussion and exchange and appreciated the student’s commitment. The same is also true for the 300 corporate participants who were and continue to be attracted by a mixture of cross-generational dialogue, deeply founded topics, networking and recruiting.

Last but not least, through the “World Business Dialogue”, student participants have the unique opportunity to approach representatives of the global economy and to establish contact with motivated fellow students from around the world.

What is the main topic of discussion?

Managing Complexity – The Art of Collect Consequence

As the economy is getting back on track after the century’s toughest financial and economic crisis, the 14th World Business Dialogue wants to disclose the causes underneath the surface and examines the phenomenon of complexity as one key trigger. The last decade’s fast and dynamic incidences and developments provoke immense challenges for the world’s population, as well as politics and the economy. Increasingly complex systems and processes shore up this trend/the scene.

Often it is up to very few people in key positions who know about multilayer and complex correlations and make decisions with substantial consequences for companies, states and even the world economy.

Therefore, the 14th World Business Dialogue aims at analysing complexity and complex systems and elaborating on future prospects. Key topics for a profound discussion about complexity are:

– Creating Tomorrow’s Business – How to Cope with Complex Networks

– The European Union – Between Integration and Confrontation

– Social Media – Modern Communication

How should I apply?
Access the event’s website. You will be requested to answer the following fields and answer the following questions:
– What are your hobbies?
– What’s your profile?
– Why do you apply for the World Business Dialogue and what are your expectations towards it?
– Why should we pick you?
– Complexity – What is your interpretation of the term?
– In your opinion, what are problems and prospects of complex systems?
– Frame a question you would like to pose at the World Business Dialogue.
– What would you like to add?
Is there sponsorship available to cover the travel costs?
Yes. For more information about how to apply for sponsorships, access the event’s website.




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