Non Profit English School + Voluntario Global = new opportunities for residents of Pablo Nogués (Argentina)

By Zander Hack

Non Profit English School makes successful alliance with Buenos Aires based volunteer NPO, giving new opportunities for residents of Pablo Nogués.

ByYourSide is a non-profit English school in a poor suberb of Buenos Aires. The owner had 3 problems. Firstly, she struggled to keep long term teachers. Secondly, she wanted to give awareness and motivation for opportunites beyond Buenos Aires. Thirdly she was struggling financially. She searched and found another NPO called Voluntario Global. VG have already provided 4 UK volunteers who have given additional courses such as CV writing, interview technique and website design aswell as English.

By-Your-Side, an english academy in a poor suberb of Buenos Aires has achieved a new level of eduation this month. By-Your-Side is run and owned by local resident, Sylvia Ruarte. Pupils only need to make a donation to receive this supplementary eduation service, thereby allowing the school to be accessible to even the poorest residents. Sylvia therefore runs the school with very little resources and offen out of her own pocket.

The School has encountered many difficulties over the years which have made the day to day running of the school almost impossible at times. From a lack of running water, to the school being inaccesible to students when the rain turns the local unpaved roads into deep mud.

Over the years, Sylvia has had difficulties in obtaining local teachers for long term employment. Sylvia had the idea of contacting the Buenos Aires based non profit charity, Voluntario Global. Fortunately  for her, Voluntario Global had a readily available supply of overseas volunteers queing to get the opportunity to teach English.

Sylvia says, “Getting overseas volunteers to our school really helps the students because they get to talk to real english speakers rather than just reading about them in their books. The volunteers also make the student aware of the oppurtunities beyond their home area. The volunteers are also highly motivated and have gone beyond the scope of there job to set up additional MS Office and web design classes ! I think the standard of eduation here is better than any school in Buenos Aires and virtually free.”

Debbie, an English volunteer said “Meeting Sylvia has really inspired me. She devotes all her time and money for her students and expects nothing in return. She always has time to listen to the students when they have problems. She battles against a leaking roof and no water supply.  Just meeting her is an amazing experience. She is full of energy and beams smiles at everyone and at the same time is really shy. The kids love her.”

Zander, another volunteer at the school commented “You normally have to pay a large fee to be able to volunteer because they need your money rather than your time and this puts a lot of volunteers off. Voluntario Global gave us a teaching placement where we can really help and only have to pay a minimal fee. Voluntario Global value our motivation rather than our purses.

I thought the students would be rough in this part of Buenos Aires but instead found them to be the politest, most respectful and keenest students I’ve ever seen !” )

By Your Side is private school that was establish in 2006. It is located at Patricias Mendocinas 270/272 in Pablo Nogués, Buenos Aires.  The school is run and owned by Sylvia Ruarte. [Contact: / +54 (0)2320 414630 ]

Voluntario Global is an established not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of grassroots organizations in Argentina. It has 17 projects currently running in Buenos Aires as well as Jujuy, Bariloche, Misiones and Villagrande in Bolivia.

[Contact: / +54 911 62069639 ]


2 Responses to Non Profit English School + Voluntario Global = new opportunities for residents of Pablo Nogués (Argentina)

  1. Amanda says:

    Zander, you should nominate Sylvia Ruarte for the CNN Hero award. She’s definitely qualified! Great work you guys are doing.

  2. statisticstutor says:

    I second Amanda! I hope many more get inspired by the work you guys are doing.

    Education is such an important factor!

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