Ending global poverty – Muhammad Yunus’ speech

Muhammad Yunus talks about the bank he created: Grameen Bank

“It might work in Bangladesh, but it won’t work any where else.” He was wrong!

“We focus on women. 96% of the borrowers are women.”

“Please give money to my husband. I don’t understand money. I have never touched money in my life”

“A typical loan is 9 dollars” Can you think about how to create a business with the money you might spend for a meal?

“Cellphones with solar panels in Bangladesh” – GrameenPhone

“Poverty is a bonsay three”

“Poor people are just like that three, they are just not given the space to grow”

“To get poverty out of the world, we have to redesing concepts of businesses”

“Business today means business to make money”

“It is a break-even business”

“Social business enterprises are needed to address social problems”

“Not to make money, but to solve a problem”

“We need social entrepreneurs”

“All human beings have unlimited potentials, most of us strach only the surface”

“The gift poor people have inside them, never gets opened”

“People don’t come to the bank. The bank goes to the people”

“Money should create money”

“We give loan to income generators”

“We connect them to each other. They learn from each other much faster”

What are your thoughts about it? And what are the thoughts you agree with? And the ones you don’t?


One Response to Ending global poverty – Muhammad Yunus’ speech

  1. Sarah says:

    Muhummad Yunus is doing such amazing work. Thanks for the video you posted. There’s a documentary about him that just premiered at Sundance which may interest your readers. http://www.tocatchadollar.com

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